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The Music Secrets

For all your secrets regarding the music scene.

Music Secrets
Posting Access:
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1. All secrets must be related to music. That includes; bands, artists, songwriters and so on.

2. A secrets is not something like “*band* sucks!” or ‘*artist* > *artist2*’ or even ‘OMG *band member name* is so hot’ There’s other places to fangirl over them. It could be ‘I don’t like the band but *this song* is awesome’.

3. Please keep all secret-images under 600x600 pixels, otherwise they won’t get posted.

4. Anonymous comments on secret posts are allowed, and IP addresses will not be logged¹; however, personal attacks will not be tolerated. If a user is caught making this kind of attack, a warning will be issued once; upon a second incident, the user will be permanently banned.
¹; This might change if people are fighting.

5. Once a secret is submitted, it will be posted. Be sure it's something you're comfortable revealing, even anonymously!

6. Any questions should be directed to the


1. Each week the mod will put up a Secret Submissions Post in the community.

2. Make a music related secret .jpg/.png/.bmg/.gif or something along those lines. (No moving images).

3. Upload your secret-image onto the internet through whatever image-sharing service you like, then post a link to your secret-image as an anonymous comment to the current Secret Submissions Post.

4. If you have more than one secret to post, post each as a separate comment. Add the name of the band/artist/anything in the title, so that it can be posted. Then others can put a name to a face/faces

5. Be sure to include all warnings that apply to your secret-image along with the comment. Also, you are responsible for knowing where the link to your image goes; we will not take the blame for broken links. Also if you find out or know who posted it, there’s no need to share it with others. They are secrets for a reason.

6. Now you’ve to wait till the secrets will be posted.

7. Any suggestions, comments, or concerns can be posted

WARNING: Any secret depicting fanart in the image will be taken down upon the request of the original author/artist.